19 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Sexy (17 Photos)

  1. gary liccer

    Good lord. Don’t these people have anything else to do? In these pictures Selena Gomez looks like any other young woman in the United States going to the club and having a work out. She certainly doesn’t look ravishing in the photos {and there is no reason she should.} So these photographers go home at the end of the day an tell their children, “yes I waited outside at Bubba’s Gym an then I took picture’s of a 25 year old woman walking into the gym and drinking a cup of coffee. It was very exciting.”

  2. AJ

    Doug, don’t worry, you’re ridiculous repetitive comments ARE being posted. It sometimes just takes some time. You are so funny and so original. Keep making an ass of yourself.

  3. Brian

    How are these photos sexy ? She’s not showing any skin . And who ever think’s that Selena is UGLY then GO TO HELL . Selena is not UGLY . Just cuz she is friends with that UGLY GAY GUY Justin does not make Selena UGLY


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