11 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson Cleavage (4 Photos)

  1. Mike Oxmal

    If she could just get frozen in time to her Lost in Translation ass, that’d be perfect. Because she’s still smoking hot, but now that we know she’s a man-hating feminazi, it’s hard to listen to a word she says.

  2. Rumbudlow

    She’s always been ugly, but now they have to Photoshop her to oblivion to make it less obvious to those that could never see it through the cleavage.

    Wont mind when she finally washes out of the industry and disappears.

    1. pboi

      really?…ugly?…u either need glasses…actually, u have the right to have an opinion of not thinking someone is attractive or not, but to call them ugly. ur either a douche, a lover of the penis, a hater or all of the above…I think, all of the above

  3. CK

    I think these are actually pretty old photos. I seen these last last year if not longer. They’re still good to see again, though. She has a nice body, but far from perfect as I used to think.

  4. jt

    She still has that goofy tooth coming out of the middle of her head (like tom cruise.) I cant even get my self to fap to her because of that. pass.

  5. ozz969

    I’ve never seen it. Sexiest woman alive for Esquire magazine twice? No way. She’s got a good body, but something about her face puts me off. And I’ve seen comments about Emily Ratajkowski being a butterface, but Johansson is way more butter than Emily.

  6. Captain Goodvibes

    With tits like that and the body to match, along with her being of Swedish extraction, then I don’t mind her even being a femonazi. Just as long as she does evil things to me with a whip in putting me into a world of exquisite pain, then I’ll be happy…


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