15 thoughts on “Sarah Hyland Nude (15 Photos + Video)

  1. Carlos T. Jackal

    Next time she’s drunk and naked in a bathtub and needs something shiny on her face, I’d be happy to oblige…

    1. Fritz

      I’ll second the “half-decent” description. It would have to be twice as good as it is just to be “decent.” Seriously, that book is about on the same level of writing as the Twilight fan-fiction that are the Fifty Shades books…just targeted at nerds instead of frustrated middle-aged women.

  2. Mark

    More pussy please, Sarah! 馃檪 Maybe a video with your face showing and two fingers inserted! You know you want to… just upload it directly to http://www.nudogram.com/! 馃檪 You need to keep out-sexying Ariel. Bonus points if Ariel has two fingers in you and then you return the favor. You would break the internet!


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