9 thoughts on “Sarah Hyland Braless (1 Photo)

      1. AJ

        Sheba, don’t worry. There are lots of racists on this site but only a few assholes actually openly express themselves about it. This asshole, Sisko, is one of them. Another racist faggot calls himself Bandit and another one is this Nacho so called Macho leach who comments senselessly on almost every post.

        So yes, lots of racist, but just a few that openly come out for being a KKK Trump lover. Welcome to the real world.

  1. Doug

    Amazing, a slanty eyed with an hispanic surname, either he’s philipino or his mother defied her traditional parents

  2. joe blow

    Not just a chink, but a faggot chink, which is why she’s ok with baring her tits in front of him. It’s funny how girls are ok with getting naked in front of fags, yet if they did it in front of a straight guy they would later turn around and say the guy sexually harassed her if he looked.


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