9 thoughts on “Samantha Hoopes Sexy (21 Photos)

  1. tommygunny777

    She has the most artificial-looking natural tits. Not that I wouldn’t play with them day and night (and not that I have anything against artificial tits), but still, just odd how natural tits can look so fake. Also, even though she’s very pretty, her face certainly has a chav-quality to it.
    Regardless, I’d still do her day and night, night and day, and anytime in between.

    1. pboi

      don’t worry about her natural/fake tits or her ‘chav-quality’ (WTF!?!?!?!), bcause u will NEVER…EVER…fuck her…or touch her, hell u prob will never even meet her

  2. Stop censoring douche moderator

    The only interesting part of this site is the comment section. But The moderator is either a douche, or an idiot, or both. Comments are routinely censored and deleted.

  3. Andreas

    that is a sexy fine chick and just as fine without makeup, beauty is beauty in any way, shape, or form and her form is just fine…..


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