15 thoughts on “Rihanna See Through (1 Pic)

  1. Jihadist sympathizer

    She’s always had nice tits. Added weight has made those chest kittens swell. But, the southern kitty has been polluted by nasty baboon and jihadist pud pudding. She looks photoshopped too like they slimmed down her FUPA into a little tummy. That’s no cute tummy, that’s a bun oven in the making for future jihadist terrorists.

  2. George W. Trump

    Lol fuck outta here there’s always that one fucker who has to bitch about “trashy tattoos” if Rihanna asked to fuck you but you say “Nah, I don’t like your tatoos.” You’re a moron.

  3. AJ

    Gorguous woman. Feel so sorry for Sisko. He would have loved to be around around slavery time. Now he has to deal with the fact that the “niggers” are no longer deemed as property and are screwing his sisters, aunts and mother as we speak..


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