49 thoughts on “Probable List of New Fappening Leaks 2018

  1. Doug

    Hes making a list, hes checking it twice, trying to find out whose pervy or not, Crapper Head is coming, to this blog…

  2. Ace Hole

    great list of nobodies including 2 that have already leaked and one that’s done full frontal in at least two movies, looking forward to nothing

  3. Doug

    Unless there’s cock, it wouldn’t matter. Why not fappening leaks from the rock? I’d love to see Rock cock. Goddammit, when are the cock leaks cumming?

    1. Another day, another Doug

      If you wanna see leaks of celeb dicks you’re in the wrong place. This isn’t a place for gay porn, try a gay site.

    1. Bare A Hymen

      I’ve heard of two of them and I only want to see one of them naked but we’ve already seen her and it was kind of disappointing

    2. jessy

      Such a rude word addressing to ladies who actually have do something more positive and good than just a boy who haven’t learned yet to talk as normal and humble man that’s the society resume nowadays.

  4. Old Skool Fappin'

    I was always hoping in 2018 for some real old skool like Mariah Carey, Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez or even the generation before them.

  5. BallsDeep

    I’ve only heard of the last 3 on this list, and Levy is only from previous leaks, Sarah Hyland already leaked and Lindhome has already done nudity on film, what kinda shit list is this?!?

  6. Mermao

    Hopefully riki lindhome will leak for real, kate micucci and natasha already leaked. Hopefully one day cristin milioti, lorde and Danielle Haim will leak as well.

  7. BobDole

    wouldn’t mind seeing some more of the girl-girl pics with Sarah Hyland, but there’s basically no A-listers this time around.

  8. Donghold Rump

    It is not a “leak” or part of “the fappening” if that is the only thing you are known for or if you are a model (models walk around nude backstage at shows and most do anything or show for money if the price is right so it really doesn’t count).

    Most, if not all, supposedly leaked photos were probably released by the celebrity themselves especially ones where they are “showing off” by smoking cock or something like that. it’s a sad fact that things like this are falling out of favour because of things like hashtag metoo the same way that sex tapes fell out of favour before or minge-flashing the paparazzi did before that. We can only hope that when hashtag metoo-ing becomes last week’s celeb band wagon that it is replaced with something a bit more sexy than having to imagine a fat bald guy wanking in a plant pot while some skinny blond looks on with wonder and disgust in equal measure. It is a pretty niche fetish that the hashtag metoo-ers are going for there. Lets hope the next craze is something with a bit of a broader appeal like lactation or something.

  9. Frank Frankly

    So… all suck and maybe try hacking some of the following isntead, yeah? Like taylor swift, natalie portman, rachel mcadams, chloe grace moretz, nina dobrev, lindsey stirling, emily bett rickards, chloe bennet, carey mulligan, amy adams, beyonce, anna kendrick, zara larsson, kristen bell, kristin kreuk emilia clarke, kate mara kaya scodelario… you know, just anyone that’s hot and actually kinda famous?


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