Pom Klementieff Nude (1 Photo)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Pom Klementieff has a topless photo from a shoot for the film “Loup” by Nicolas Vanier in Siberia (February 2008). This is exclusive to TFB fans!

Pom Klementieff is a French actress. She appeared in movies such as “Nuit blanche” (2011) and “Hacker’s Game” (2015). Pom is best known for the role of Mantis in the Marvel’s movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” (2017).

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pom.klementieff/

Pom Klementieff Nude

Thanks to joshua for the info!


18 thoughts on “Pom Klementieff Nude (1 Photo)

  1. Truth

    This site is so full of shit.

    “This is exclusive to TFB fans!”

    First off, It’s not exclusive if it was taken 11 YEARS AGO! It was taken for something else and you just happened post it. It fact, nothing on the site is original, its just stolen from somewhere else and posted here. And there are no TFB fans, the only reason people come on the site is because it has a good amount of content taken from elsewhere and it just happens to be easy to find, and people seem to the think that the site might magically one date post some leaked photos of some celebrity they’ve been praying to see naked their whole life and have been jacking off to anyway, which by the way, you will probably find the leaks posted elsewhere before it shows up here. This site is just a scammy scummy way of making money for someone, but luckily I don’t come on here without Adblock so fuck you!

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          1. Looks like pussy

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  2. Johnblack@yahoo.com

    Oh man I’ve been waiting for this Girl to put out some a nudes. Cant believe it, my Right Hand is gonna be Sore on Monday.

    Among other things.


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