21 thoughts on “Poll: Taylor Swift vs. Jennifer Lawrence

  1. bologna areolas

    i am confused.

    taylor has no breasts .

    jennifer has boobies.

    one of these things just doesnt belong here.

  2. tommygunny777

    Taylor Swift has no sex appeal at all. I’m not exactly a huge JLaw fan, I don’t think you’d necessarily notice her walking down the street if she wasn’t a famous actress (though bless her for taking those fappening pics, her tits are wonderful), but this is no contest. Taylor Swift’s looks are as overrated as her “music”.

    1. mrbigdickshotchicks

      Taylor Swift’s face is anything but beautiful. It’s totally weird. Not that JLaw’s face is that pretty, but TS’s is not pretty at all.

      What a f***ing gay douche you are.

  3. ballen

    taylor swift have 2 letter correct, 1st in first name and second in surname, swap them and you have ST, then add D
    jlaw maybe be a narcicistic slut, but atleast she does not let a new guy squirt inside of ever every 2 weeks like taylor, what is she officially up to ? 36 ? and that was since she got her first hit
    how many before that?

    so yea, jlaw most likely have less STD

      1. ballen

        actually im what is called “gifted” when it comes to the IQ scale, I guess you are on the retard side considering your post

        1. klawick

          ballen…you know how you can tell when someone is socially inept? (aside from thinking “ballen” is a clever name) When they have to point out how high their IQ is.

          what..did you take one of those online IQ quizzes and get Genius (like everyone else?)

    1. ballen has fallen

      instructions not clear.
      my foot is, now, up your ass.

      second letter in sWift is S?? dude, are you retarded?

      you’re probably an idiot due to all the STDs your mom picked up at the whorehouse.

      1. ballen

        lol you went full retard, never go full retard !!
        1st letter in both first name and surname
        which is 2 points, 1 and 2

        whorehouses does not exists here, im not from uk or a redneck town in usa

        then again, you might not be retard, but a simple child

  4. Dudekid

    Taylor Swift’s best assets are her legs, J Law it’s the tits. So wrong pic for Swifty here. So in the end it’s gotta be Taylor on my face and J Law on my dick

  5. Spankmaster

    C’mon guys, there is no contest here at all. Jlaw appeals to both sexes on so many levels, as I know just as many women who want to have evil nasty fucks with her as the men do. Taylor, on the other hand, will be lucky to get an Orc from lord of the rings to growl her out. And even then she have to pay him…


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