17 thoughts on “Poll: Mila Kunis vs. Natalie Dormer

  1. turdsandwich

    Mila Kunis is a Hollywood fabrication. She looks like shit when she isn’t made up for the cameras. Natalie Dormer is okay, at least she’s real.

  2. Ouija

    Dormer with her naughty, asymmetrical smile turns me on more. Kunis looks cute, which is worthless considering this website. Also, her no-nude mantra is pure BS.

  3. Issi

    Natalie Dormer, Gingers have an untameable wild side thats a part of their sex appeal, kunis is a fine woman when shes made up and photoshopped without make up shes less than average looking, Dormer is a natural beauty and shes your typical English Rose.

  4. Jay

    Don’t get me wrong, Natalie, is gorgeous but I voted Mila. There’s just something about her, something that I really can’t put my finger on, that makes me want to long stroke it. As opposes to Natalie who I’d to grudge fuck like the dirty slut that I know she is ….

  5. Chris Manning

    I find this comparison test to be utterly and extremely pointless simply due to the fact that both women are just as hot as each other and entirely fallible to the whims of finding total dicks exciting, with Ashton Kutcher being one of them…


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