14 thoughts on “Poll: Lacey Chabert vs. Amanda Seyfried

  1. GrapeKiller

    How are these always so difficult?! Every time you seem to pick two women who are impossible to choose between!

  2. FSB21

    This poll might have been the most difficult for me. I think it’s not fair for me to decide between the both of them. I think both Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert are incredibly pretty.

    Ultimately, I decided to vote for Amanda Seyfried because she’s more of a free spirit. She has said she has no problem doing nudity for films. However, Lacey Chabert is winning in this poll….well by a slight margin. But that still surprised me. I thought Amanda Seyfried was the more well known celebrity.

    1. fuzzybear

      I agree with you about Amanda being more of a free spirit . I don’t know how Lacey made it this far without doing nudity

  3. Andreas

    both are equally as pretty and very beautiful physically but Amanda has a little edge in looks for me….she reminds me of a young Scarlett Johanson

  4. Esa Perseraiskaus

    50-50 after 3,5k+ votes. This is a tought one for sure but gotta go w/ amanda. Feels like she s the wild one in the sack.

  5. Mia John

    Everyone’s comments seem to be leaning towards Amanda’s “free spirit”, which I can’t say is a perception or actual fact. I’m surprised this is even close. Lacey all the way in my opinion.

  6. Severin

    Man, I could probably jerk off to Amanda Seyfried’s interviews. She is blonde, blue eyed perfection. Lacey Chabert is hot, she’s a pretty girl but she’s not drop dead gorgeous like Amanda.


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