15 thoughts on “Poll: Kristen Bell vs. Olivia Munn

  1. PuppyMonkeyBaby

    Well, Olivia Munn looks more freakier. Like she’s subjected to fuck on the first date. And like she’ll walk around the house nude all day.

    Kristen looks like she’ll give you some after she’s know you for about 6 months or so.

  2. Nigger

    Kristen Bell by far. I really don’t see what’s so special about Olivia Munn. She looks so basic.

  3. Zippo

    PuppyMonkeyBaby. Your name is as stupid as your comment. All of you idiots that voted for Olivia over Kristen are blind as fuck, need your eyes checked, and need to kill yourselves. Kristen Bell is hotter than Olivia Munn anyday of the motherfucking week. I swear all of you on this page have got to be little freshmen in high school that doesn’t know any goddamn thing. Do us all a favor and cease to exist.

    1. Derp

      Bruh you need to chill it’s a fucking girl, you need to relax and get some pussy lmao. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so mad over a poll

    2. PuppyMonkeyBaby

      How? I’m part puppy, part monkey, part baby.

      And you’re momma licks my ass because she’s a nasty lady.

  4. Spankmaster

    Olivia is by far the superior woman. The best and most sublime thig to say about her is this – grrrrrrr…

  5. Reaper

    Dude Kristen bell by far all though yes puppymonkeybaby Olivia is what I would want freaky. but u never know so I just go with looks


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