8 thoughts on “Poll: Hayley Atwell vs. Carey Mulligan

    1. Fair Play

      At least these two are around the same age group. We’ve just had Julianne Moore and Mimi Rogers pitted against women decades younger. Im Mimi’s case a woman over 30 years younger!

    2. Real poles

      Agreed. They could come up with more interesting ones like: biggest cow ( K Ho, lucy collet, niki manaj etc), biggest attention whore ( k Ho, mainland ward, micaela heart nipple tranny), and most disgusting trash ( that whale they always post and similar cottage cheesey pigs).

  1. Carlos T. Jackal

    I like Hayley, I voted for Hayley, but Carey’s not nearly as shy about showing off her body as Hayley.
    Hayley, be more like Carey!


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