9 thoughts on “Poll: Gillian Jacobs vs. Jessica Chastain


    it seems popular celebs always wins, I really like jessica chastian as an actress but I never find her sexy. Gillian Jacobs should be winning.

    1. sigh

      No, the one with the bigger breasts wins. Every. Single. Time. The kids on this site are beyond transparent. You have to grow up a little bit to realize how great small breasts are.

      1. Turlough

        I never ceased to be amazed by the smug, self righteousness of the small breast aficionado. They really do think they are a superior form of being. Some of us just like big tits. It’s not better or worse, it’s just a preference. You’re not more intelligent than us, or morally superior. You just have different tastes.

  2. Sloppy Joe

    Out of these two pictures I would have to give it to Chastain, but I’m generally more attracted to Gillian Jacobs. She is something else.


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