5 thoughts on “Poll: Gif battle: Emilia Clarke vs. Jessica Chastain

    1. Tim

      I’d have to disagree. There are so many other celebrity women that make her look average. But in comparison to her competition in this pole. It’s a foregone conclusion that she wins this round.

    2. Max

      Lol sexiest woman alive? If she wasn’t in GOT no one would give her a second glance. She is cute, but nothing special.

  1. Bruh

    The emilia clark gif isnt working, for me at least, yet she still gets my vote. She looks incredible in every scene on GOT

  2. Spankmaster

    Jessica is a redhead and her age has suited her well. I dare say Emilia won’t age as well and although good looking, is just another blonde. Obviously, it’s Jessica for being so grrrrrrrr…..


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