24 thoughts on “Poll: Game of Thrones Season 8 Naked Actresses

  1. Gay-club Rees-Mogg

    Nobody will be naked. It’s all very serious now, American’s can’t cope with final act nudity.

    1. Slick

      Or maybe the creators see there is more to a TV show than just nudity. After all the nudity in the first 7 seasons, all the sudden “Americans can’t cope with nudity”. What a stupid comment. Apparently there are those who can deal with an actual plot and don’t need nudity to feed a still primordial brain.

      1. Doctor Smith

        People that just care for the plot read the books. That show got as big as it is because of

        1- Its very graphic violence
        2- Its previously unheard of production values and
        3- The sex. Especially, hot newcomers doing softcore porn

          1. Doctor Smith


            All right. Settle down there, Doctor Doom.

            It may shock you, but GoT isn’t exactly Tolstoi. If you want nuance and originality, stop watching HBO. As a matter of fact, if you find T&As so offensive, you might want to avoid a blog dedicated to T&A

  2. Dieter

    Jared, can I please ask that we have regular updates on the latest on Gwynnie P’s gorgeous full round ass please? Thank you! God bless Blythe Danner’s beautiful daughter!

  3. Sheldon

    The red head wildling is the hottest on the show followed by the poison girl.
    Too bad Lena headley is stuck up cunt now and won’t do nudity. And yes she was pregnant but not even showing. Fuck her power tripping prissy I’m to important dyke.

    1. Tigger

      They spent 2-3 million on cersei body double. Fucktards used an improportionate body double that was twice her size, no where near anything she looks like.

    2. Littlewankertheory

      Sheldon you fucktard, she’s been naked in other roles before i think not wanting to get naked when you have a kid on the way is fine. More disturbing you want to masturbate to a woman with a fetus in her. Grow the fuck up you fucking tiny dicked faggot.

      1. dude

        Its the opposite of fine when you sign on for a multi year role on a show that more or less “demands” nudity, she signed, she balked, fuck her and having to waste all that money and time for doubling…..if its that much of an issue for you Lena, just have Cersi die then…….

  4. Eatalotapus

    Shouldn’t the question be how many posts titled nude will have no nudity in them at all.
    Your content blows

  5. Opie

    I would like to see Maisie and Sophie nude scenes this season, but I have a feeling with what’s left to do this season there won’t be very many nude scenes, I know Mr. Skin said there will be nude scenes in the first episode, but I don’t expect anyone big

  6. wawa

    I really hope they ALL bust them out at least once for the final season. Emilia Clarke hasn’t shown any tits the past 2 seasons.

    Here’s hoping they go out with a bang 🙂

  7. the_jaxx@hotmail.com

    All I know for sure is that I’ll be watching completely nude and completely alone. Is that a thing?

  8. Truth

    Page full of the attention whoring troll and all his stupid comments and names. The douche must be crapper or paid by crapper. Either way, he’s a loser. Site is for shit now.

  9. JrSalami

    It’s WAR time…..no time for NUDITY….seriously Winter has arrived…..no time for fucking…n too cold for skinny dipping.

    That Sand bitch had the best pair of tits on the show… of course Missandei is the cutest one…..n Robb Starks butchered wife had the best body….

  10. Alex

    I guess that it’s too much to hope for Sansa as the producers have watched her grow up on the show. Maybe Sophie Turner will do nudity at a later stage of her career. Or be caught by the paps/do a magazine shoot.
    The red woman who intimidated Varys last season was beautiful – probably too much to hope to see her too.

  11. Jace

    There’ll be over 10 + naked actresses on season 8. Just not the stars of the show. First episode of the season already had 3 naked actresses.


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