18 thoughts on “Poll: Fernanda Passos vs. Mary Kalisy

  1. Lowlifer

    Mary is perfect. but who is we? ”So we’ve decided to do a poll. Choose the girl.” Its only you crapper or u talk about your imaginary friends?

    1. bruv

      it’s the editorial we or the royal we, u fokken lowlife!

      i dunno who fernanda is but mary kalisy is an adult model

    2. Alexssander Carlos Dragoni

      She has really small tits, with an almost only bones body, far from perfect, other seems to be unatural, so i would say, both are pretty girls, but both are “meh“.

  2. Implant free is the way to be

    The one without the implants obviously. If you’re having trouble distinguishing which is which you really need to get off the internet.


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