23 thoughts on “Poll: Ariel Winter vs. Demi Rose

    1. Potoklov

      Haters gonna hate. She is a gorgeous natural woman; Demi Rose is a fake surgeon woman. If i had to choose, i have no doubt: Alex Dunphy forever!

  1. The Oracle

    I picked Demi Rose only because Ariel Winter got her tits reduced and still hasn’t showed them off. That and Demi has the prettier face.

  2. mcl

    Ariel Winter is going to have very visible scars from the breast reduction. Unless Demi Rose’s plastic surgeon used a can opener to remove the nipples, Demi Rose is going to have the better tits.

  3. Severin

    Don’t get me wrong, Arial is a hot little bitch, but I’d choose Demi’s ass over Ariel’s entire body and face. That’s just physical appeal though. I’d actually rather fuck Ariel. Her mom was a cunt, which means that she’s at least a little fucked up. That tends to be good for sex.

  4. The Timmy

    I ain’t keen on Demi Rose, but she’s certainly doable.

    But the fact that thousands vote for an ugly fat pig called Ariel honestly disgusts me.

  5. Sick rick

    Demi rose obviously fuck the fake bull shit she still looks fine. Ariel winter looks like some random chick I would see working at dennys serving me my moon’s over my hammy. That muchacha looks tired and annoying.

  6. Antonio R.

    I just can’t vote for Ariel Winter because a breast reduction is like slapping God in the face. It may take a lifetime to forgive Ariel for that one.


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