10 thoughts on “Poll: Alexandra Daddario vs. Britney Spears

  1. Fapmaster

    Seriously? You’re comparing Alexandra’s huge tits n perfect body with this yesteyear granny? Such an injustice..

  2. Severin

    Britney’s pic is hotter, no question. Setting these two pics aside Daddario is hotter than Britney as of 2016. Britney in the early 2000s beats Daddario.

  3. Turlough

    I loved Britney back in the day – and she’s not too bad now she’s sorted herself out – but c’mon, Alexandra Daddario is fucking amazing. There wouldn’t have been too much of a contest even if it was younger Britney, but now? There’s only one winner.

  4. Dingus

    Even precocious 16 year old Britney shaking her ass in that Hit Me Baby One More Time video can’t compete with Alexandra Daddario.

  5. Larry

    LOL what a bizarre match up. How on EARTH does ‘yesterdays granny’ get 39%. I was expecting at leat 90%. Highly curious.


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