17 thoughts on “Paulina Porizkova – 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

  1. Bold innovative freethinker-Fuck you

    Why are they trying to turn a magazine that’s about showing mostly naked women into some stupid ass statement about female empowerment. If you need a magazine to tell you women are strong capable etc you’re probably the rob porter wife beater type of insecure pathetic loser who’s not reading whatever message is written on them in the first place. “Here’s a girl in a thong, we put the word ceo above her ass cause she can do anything, please see this as what it is a desperate attempt to show our fake support of women and buy our magazine” the fuck outta here

  2. Dr. Bob

    Oh how I miss the days of my youth, when SI gave us goddesses like Kathy Ireland and Paulina P, and not every loser was given a trophy, and there were no whiny PC millennials

  3. Ren

    The fucking Liberals are using the great annual male-fantasy tradition to further their campaign to undermine or ridicule male sexuality.

  4. FuckYouConservativeTurds

    You pussy men can complain all you want. A hot, smart, tough woman who stands up for what’s right is the sexiest thing on earth. Go beat off to some porn stars if all you care about is what’s on the outside.


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