18 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Sexy (17 Photos + Gif)

  1. Truthteller

    She’s been eating quite a lot these days haven’t she. Gonna have to pull some overnighters to fit back into the Psylocke costume for the next X-Men there.

  2. Dave

    That has to be the most unflattering outfit ever. She normally looks hot AF, but damn, that outfit makes her look as wide as she is tall.

  3. Arthur Kuntler

    I was positive she had that face SLICED UP at the plastic surgeon’s (obviously she had it bleached up as freckles are gone), but maybe she really was just too thin. She’s looking better honestly, face closer to her original shape (aka hot)

  4. Arthur Kuntler

    Hey Crap Man, put in a little ↑↓ Up Down arrow deal on this bitch like Dailymail so I can up click the funny comments and click down the sour mean shitbird comments, thanks

  5. Spankmaster

    At least she is enjoying her food, which proves that she likes to be a normal person when it comes to eating and not like those incredibly vapid famous acting people who like to live on a diet of sunlight, air and moonbeams. And I’d rather fuck her than someone who looks like a skeleton used in anatomy classes…


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