27 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Cleavage (19 Photos)

      1. Sigh's Owner

        Stop trying to be too cool for the forum with your sarcastic “tell me you’re joking” act like some goofy online hipster loser. You’re not this tit expert that you’re pretending to be. Most of us would guess you’ve never seen a pair in real life that you didn’t pay for with money that you stole out of your mommy’s purse.

  1. Ummm

    She’s had so much work done she looks like a different person. She used to be hot. Whoever told her that was a good idea ought to be shot.

  2. Pip-Boy

    She is 36 years old and for women in Hollywood that is nearing the end , so I guess she need new boobs to try and delay the end a while.

      1. Oz

        No! Those are not real. Go back and look at her topless scene in Magic Mike. That’s not some invisible push up bra. She must have gotten them recently.

        1. smh

          Why are kids on the internet this clueless? She was at least 10 pounds thinner in that movie. She has always had large breasts, large being a relative term. Disagreeing with that statement is just ignorance.

          1. Oz

            I love idiots online who need to believe the person they’re talking to is a “kid” in order to feel like they’re superior when they’re clearly not. Also, don’t talk about anyone here being clueless and then pretend her tits were always that size when it’s a fact that they weren’t. So don’t make up that disagreeing with a fact is somehow ignorant because that just made you the ignorant one. Plus, a hypocrite on top of that. Again, her tits were NOT big in Magic Mike. They also weren’t that firm and does your ignorant ass see a push up bra anywhere? Nice try, kid. Don’t reply back with some sort of fake confidence as if I’m the one who was wrong here. Take the loss like a man for once and don’t be some online dweeb who never admits being wrong when they are.

          2. Oz

            Hey facts… stop acting as if your stupid ass can make up whatever lie you want and pretend it’s true. I buried both of your dumb asses so you can’t pull that using the “he’s a fucking idiot” card as if I didn’t already beat your ass like a drum. Who you kidding, dork? Don’t act like your nuts have dropped all of a sudden.

          3. Pip-Boy

            Hey stupid, a woman’s breasts don’t get firmer and lifted when you get older and gain weight.

        2. Oz does not have a lizard

          Clearly Oz is the tiny weak little soul behind the curtain who thinks his litte tantrums buried anyone. Take some of your own advice and grow up and stop being a loser dweeb.

          1. Checked Fact Checked

            Is your stupid ass trying to claim that you just got worked like a part time job by an idiot? The only fucking idiot here is the virgin loser who acts like tits just magically get much bigger and way perkier without surgery.

      2. NormPeterson

        You must be fucking retarded.Go look at all her past magazines, movies andTv shows.Those are not the same boobs.

  3. Spankmaster

    Regardless of whatever surgery Olivia has had, she is still smoking hot and fine, especially to fuck. I’d be happy to have her tits (fake or otherwise) in a roll and give them both a good munch. Stand back please, we have lift off…


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