30 thoughts on “Nora Mørk Leaked (31 Photos)

        1. ballen

          what is “Euro handball”, there is handball and then there is nothing else
          I know usa have fake wrestling and all that so it would not suprice me usa got other weird ones that only they have

          1. John

            I`m German and even i find it a little bit harsh , not everyone has such beautiful sports like europeans , but that doesn`t mean we have to bully them because they have “sports entertainment”

    1. L. Knight

      Remember that game you played in elementary school, tossing a ball at a wall and catching it, repeat?

      That’s handball. the only “sport” that’s less of a sport than golf.

      1. Mediatuner

        You’re a Trump follower, aren’t you? You don’t need to know anything, but you can tell that everyone. And you sure have an opinion about what you don’t know. So true!

    2. AJ

      Unfortunately a bunch of morons on this site who don’t even know what handball is. Handball is not a game of throwing a ball against a wall and catching it, but similar to soccer, with the exception that no feet are allowed, except by the goalie. There are two goals on each side and you basically try to walk, run your way to the other side to try and score a goal…….by throwing, tossing or lobbing the ball. Simple as that.
      You could have of course simply googled this as well, idiot.


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