8 thoughts on “Nina Agdal Sexy – 2017 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue

    1. Zippo

      …doesn’t do anything for me either….I prefer big black cock….there I said it….again…wait for my jealous little cucks response…..

      1. NoOneExpects_the_Spanish-Inquisition

        As a viewer of this sites wares, I must admit to thoroughly enjoying the repartee you have with the other Zippo. I find it incredibly funny and it is a welcome addition to the lovely images your conversations accompany. Between your admonition to the other Zippo about his choice of sexual identity to the constant declaration of your own, I can’t stop from laughing at the utter nonsensical banter you two share. I thank you heartily for the continuous laughs and ask you to please continue. Cheers!


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