15 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sexy (14 New Photos)

  1. WTF

    I hate that I find this woman attractive because I know I shouldn’t but then, on the other hand, I want to fuck her in the ass so hard she can barely walk afterwards.

    1. Anderson

      Only a self wrong mind would think something like. Definitely only when you will grow up will understand that a comment like yours here is just a bad joke to be exposed on net, damn it. And much more, maybe you will that respect to a woman is a damn good thing, maybe one day.

        1. A clases

          To such childish sex desires there exist porn sites. Nicki is musician so guys try to understand this wanna fap there is porn dedicated web like Porn Hub that’s it peace.

  2. Shantele

    Just a couple of words to define wrong youngers here: Grow up, people! Why nowadays it’s kinda not easy to understand that respecting a girl it’s like you respect your sister, damn it. Probably one day y’all will understand it, even more when she’s a smart, honest, and true soul sista. Have a nice day everybody, think about it, on a sunny day.

  3. Andrew

    A smart, honest from day one, and beautiful girl too. And for jealousy people just think on your own business is just first rule in this world if you wanna achieve something, and stop blame true persons that worked hard for what they’re today. Wake up! Y’all will understand it one day.

  4. Shantele

    Nowadays seems jealousy of people blow up like champagne, even it’s not kinda easy wake up people and stop criticize true persons that worked hard for what they’re today. And more than that, she’s a smart, humble, and beautiful person too. Maybe you will perceive that on a sunny day.


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