Netta Barzilai Sexy (30 Photos)

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The final of the International Song Contest Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal) has just finished. Netta Barzilai (Israel) has won. Bookmakers for several months in a row predicted her first place. We offer to see some of her sexy photos below.


She broke into the competition on March 11 and in a few hours pushed Elina Nechaeva, which until that moment was the absolute favorite of all bookmakers.

A bright fat girl with a non-standard appearance, who became a favorite of bookmakers with a song in one day, infected tens of millions of listeners with her energy so much that she was called the winner of “Eurovision-2018” — who is she, Netta Barzilai?

Hardly her name was known to many before the moment on the official YouTube channel of Eurovision realized music video ‘Toy,’ instantly blew up the Internet.

Even more fantastic success, when you consider that real singing career she began in September 2017. When Netta came to the audition for the fifth season show Eurovision The Next Star, she didn’t even imagine how it could end. But the girl was able to impress the jury. But after this performance at the audition, she just could not reach the final – and the judges and the audience were immediately charmed by her singing. She had the opportunity to present Israel in Lisbon.

Non-standard appearance, self-irony, and freedom from any complexes made her a star of social networks. She became popular.


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