Naomi Watts, Sophie Cookson Nude – Gypsy (2017) s01e07 (17 Pics + Gif & Video)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Download this lesbian video of Naomi Watts (as Jean) and Sophie Cookson (as Sidney) form Gypsy (2017). Get a load of their tantalizing topless sex scene from episode seven!


Some great looks at Naomi’s knockers and Sophie’s suck sacks and seat meat as they lezz out in this nearly two minute sex scene!


9 thoughts on “Naomi Watts, Sophie Cookson Nude – Gypsy (2017) s01e07 (17 Pics + Gif & Video)

    1. Mr. Ray

      Don’t spread negative energy mentioning name of a man that being so rude, disrespectful and having an absolutely wrong behavior to many women and young girls. We just can pray for men like him and others negative citizens in hope they gonna see the right way one day. And be smart and be wise on which road you wanna be certainly it’s on you though hope you gonna understand it even in hard times as nowadays.

  1. Sisko

    I feel like theres only 2 main reasons females become lesbians

    1. They are too fat or ugly to get a man
    2. They are lefties that think its cool/modern/hip

    Either way I hate them all

    1. deathbyskullf***

      Wtf does that have anything to do with two good looking women that get it on for a show or movie? Either way who gives a shit? Enjoy the fucking show dumbass…

    2. Doug

      There are two main reasons men become homos:

      1. We love the cock and don’t care for the smelly gash
      2. We know it’s awesome giving and receiving a high hard one up the ass

      Either way, I love them all.

    3. Mike

      Those are the two worst explanations lol you’re a fucking idiot. If these lesbian women you came across had to meet you then I could definitely see why they “turned” in your eyes lol fucking wastebucket go jerk off to Kellyann Conway getting blacked

  2. s.smith

    Not naomi’s first lesbian scene but its nice to see her naked again at 50yrs old lezzing it up with a fellow british actress

  3. Ren

    Isn’t the girl with Watts easily young enough to be her daughter? That’s the truly kinky aspect to this generic “lesbian” scene. There seem to be a lot of such: the older woman being “turned” by a younger woman who had grown up under more “tolerant” conditions and thereby more casually depraved.


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