Nabilla Benattia Shows Off Her Kardashian-Style Booty (54 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

French model and television personality with an Algerian-Italian origin Nabilla Benattia hits the beach in Miami with her man Secret Story 6’s Thomas Vergara for a photo shoot, 03/13/2018. The 27-year-old brainless silicone doll posed in a colorful 60s swimsuit, showed her sideboob, booty and legs (covered in bruises).


19 thoughts on “Nabilla Benattia Shows Off Her Kardashian-Style Booty (54 Photos)

  1. Rene

    Americans didn’t get the memo… Ones again!! They all want the Brazilian booty but think that’s a fat booty… No, you really have to train for it!!

    1. E

      So many whores in Brazil get fake butts that the govt funds the procedures… Which is why for years now fake asses in America have been growing, because they’re getting the Brazilian booty.

  2. Brutus

    When will these girls understand that a disproportioned ass is not sexy. You cannot have this big ol ass and the toothpick legs right after that. Complete turn off

  3. Boohoo

    “The 27-year-old brainless silicone doll” Aw do the strip club girls keep turning you down op?
    You sound a little too angry about a random girl you’ve never met.

  4. Jimmy

    The title is wrong. Here’s the corrected version, and sorry for any confusion this may have caused:

    Nabilla Benattia Shows Off Her fat ass.

  5. Doug Fan

    Goddammit, what’s her age and natio– oh, uh, I mean, thanks crapper!

    Who the hell is writing these new weird intros for each photo set? That’s not the crapper I knew.

  6. AJ

    The Craphead is a troll on his own site. Writing absolute crap for comments, enticing people to react to bullshit like Kardashian-style booty. This girl looks nothing like that fake fuck doll Kim Kardashian. If her ass is fake, it at least looks better than ur momma’s.


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