6 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr Nude (3 New Photos)

    1. death

      adjective: nude
      1. wearing no clothes; naked.
      “a painting of a nude model”
      synonyms: naked, stark naked, bare, unclothed, undressed, disrobed, stripped, unclad, au naturel, without a stitch on, in one’s birthday suit, in the raw, in the altogether, in the buff;

      noun: nude; plural noun: nudes
      1. a naked human figure, typically as the subject of a painting, sculpture, or photograph.
      “a study of a kneeling nude”

  1. Not nude

    FFS “nude”… I’m nude under my clothes too. Still, Miranda Kerr is Miranda Kerr. She could be wearing a fucking burka and still be the prettiest girl ever.


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