Maitland Ward Naked – Shower Show (4 Pics + Video)

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Maitland Ward took a shower for her followers – Snapchat, 08/05/2018. The 41-year-old former actress showed her big wet boobs, butt, and pussy.


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31 thoughts on “Maitland Ward Naked – Shower Show (4 Pics + Video)

    1. Soapy Nice

      Totally with you on that. Maitland is one sexy chick. Nice and soapy. Does she need anything scrubbed.

    2. Wut

      You’d never find another girl doing this? Taking naked pictures of themselves? Have you ever been on the internet before today?

  1. klawicki

    I’m guessing in her mind, that third picture was much more sexy than it turned out to be. As it was, it just looks like she has explosive clear diarrhea.

  2. Michael_Loomis

    She needs to hurry up and get fucked soon on camera. She did a shower scene with a dude from last month. Why don’t y’all have that one up here?

  3. Langsmurf

    That’s right my red Queen.
    Juices creeping everywhere. A little break to catch your breath, and back at it.
    I wish me and Gargamel could have truce at once so he would magically bring you here with me.
    I have a mini bed for two and big papa saw that it was good.

  4. Maitland

    That’s true she’s the proof of care body with dignity whatever these haters could say she such an example at that ages

  5. bob

    Only reason i ever watched boy meets world, fuck topanga and that troll angela , maitland was the hottest on that show! I would love to bang her from behind in tune with the theme song

    When this Boy Meets World
    Boy Meets World…(Pump…UHH)
    Wandering down this road, that we call life
    Is what we’re doin’ (Pump…uhh)
    It’s good to know I have friends that will always
    Stand by me
    When this Boy Meets World. (Pump…uuuhhhoooohh…Splooge!)

  6. Spankmaster

    It’s good to see that’s she’s keeping her crotch nice and clean for me, especially as I’ll be there soon to fuck it full and severely with a bucket load of cum just to make it dirty again. Use the loofah well love and don’t hold back on the scented bath oils. I want it smelling really nice…


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