19 thoughts on “Maitland Ward Baxter Sexy (3 New Pics)

    1. klawicki

      Just get a life. OR don’t. Whichever. But if you choose the later, then really don’t have a life. No loss to the world. The fact that you need to do this all the time shows that you literally have NOTHING to live for. Do you THINK that is ever going to change? Are you expecting some miracle where you wake up one morning and there is actually someone o the planet who WANTS you in their life? Sorry, Doug..tit’;s not going to happen. Ever. Your life will only get MORE lonely.

      1. dom

        Unfortunately you are too ignorant to see that this is someone trolling Doug, the annoying toolbag. You took the short bus to school, no???

  1. Thumper

    The Maitland Ward trolls are all pretty fucked up. They could all be multiple personalities of the same person. Indeed, what rational person clicks on links to see pictures of the very woman they claim to passionately hate? I pressume it’s a type of ‘hate’ catharsis, common amongst unemployed, under educated, young male virgins.

  2. Erogenous Jones

    Finally, she’s been released into the wild instead of another set taken in her flat !

    To the haters, if you don’t like her, don’t click on her link, just pass by.

  3. JShaft

    What’s the point of wearing panties on the beach? Why not a bathing suit like normal people. Attention whore. Her father should have fucked her better when she was a kid.

  4. Doug

    @Doug The Autist & klawicki
    Once upon time you faggot dipshits, there was an overweight man in Florida who renamed himself Perez Hilton and started a website that became a pop culture phenomenon. Now, he is sexy, svelte and rubs shoulders with celebs that people can only dream of. Im an annoying toolbag because I post in a celeb website, you’ve all really got peanut butter and yogurt for brains if that is the case. Just fucking lay off. And for old times sake, Goddammit, wheres her age and nationality?

  5. Spankmaster

    You tell them, Doug. All I must add to your comments is that the peanut butter and yogurt that passes for these fuckwits brains has obviously turned rancid and solidified into a foul smelling cheese that now exudes out of their dickholes in passing for their semen. Here’s hoping it won’t allow them to reproduce…


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