Maisie Williams Sexy (3 Photos)

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Maisie Williams wears white panties in a photoshoot for Nylon Magazine (May 2016). Maisie Williams is an English actress (Game of Thrones) and dancer. Age: 19 (15 April 1997).


Maisie Williams Sexy

Maisie Williams Sexy 19

Maisie Williams Sexy 10

36 thoughts on “Maisie Williams Sexy (3 Photos)

  1. Riccy Diangilo

    She is actually British, not English. There is no border line between Britain, Scotland and Wales. England is the name for Britain, Scotland and Wales combined.

    1. SS

      You have no fking idea what you are talking about, and not only that you are fking stupid.
      Britain is the name for England, Scotland, Wales and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland cause you might have guessed it, cause of Ireland.

      Englad has a completely different flag, from Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, The Great britain flag is a completely diffetent thing.

      Fk sakes people if you dont know what you are talking about, just shut the fk up.

      “England is the name for Britain, Scotland and Wales combined.”… i mean the definition of stupidit and complete lack of education.

  2. ohshyt

    Who the fuck cares what she is, the bitch is white and not American. plus she’s build like a 15 year old boy.
    Don’t see how anyone could find her sexy unless you’re into underage boys (a.k.a Catholic priest)

    1. Big Jock

      She’s “white and not American.”
      I assume by American you mean USA-ian, as the there are a lot of countries in the Americas.
      Do you think most USA-ians are non-white? You’re clearly a racist.

  3. theres.always.time.for.bacon

    She is both English and British, one is the area, one is the island but both are acceptable titles.

  4. Turlough

    I just can’t find her sexy at all. She can be sort of cute – but not sexy. Her on screen sister on the other hand is smoking hot…

  5. joe

    I actually think it is the way they do her hair and the outfits they put her in on GOT that make her looks so fucking ugly on the show. She cleans up well and has a hot little body.

  6. Doug

    I always thought English people say they are English because there is nothing wrong with it, and everyone else (Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland) just say they’re British if they are ashamed of where they’re from

    1. TDD69

      cock nose! I am Welsh, first and foremost, British by order, never English. We are Celts and proud to be, either be Welsh (Cymraeg)(Celts), Irish (Gaelic) or Scottish (Gaelic) we are forever proud of our Celtish origins, we are the real Britons, do not associate us with the English (Angles) We ARE the true british people, how can we be ASHAMED of where we are from??? We were here centuries before the Angles and the Saxons, the Norse, the Normans, Romans!! No shame here fella!!

      1. Big Jock

        Genetic testing has shown that the Irish have the “most” British genetic history. Thay are about .5% “more” British than the English and Scots, who are if exactly the same genetic mix they are followed by the “least” British Welsh whp are 1% different to the Irish.
        The actual “most” British are the Islanders of the UK. Shetland being the least bastardised group, followed by Orkney, Isle of Man and lastly Silly.
        We Shetlanders are the most so called Pictish of all. But the picts themselves displaced other groups.
        So, really, none of us are actually British.

    2. Big Jock

      Wrong wrong wrong.
      Scots and Welsh say they are Scots and Welsh.
      English say English or British as if they are the same thing.
      Northern Irish Catholics say they’re Irish and protestants say they’re British.
      More and more though, populist parties like the SNP are forcing people who would once have they were Scottish to start they are British.
      I am neither Scottish nor British, I am a Shetlander.


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