Luisa Zissman Leaked (117 Photos + Videos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Here are new leaked photos of Luisa Zissman + private videos. Luisa Collins (Zissman) is an English retail entrepreneur and reality TV personality. Age: 29 years old.


Download all.

39 thoughts on “Luisa Zissman Leaked (117 Photos + Videos)

    1. Zippo

      absolutely, I knew you’ come around to this fine woman instead of wishing you could wear her princess outfits and take selfie upon selfie…..dont forget to make the duck face with the fishlips…..but you love the smell, of fish, makes you feel so pretty

  1. chris

    The chick with the red shows isn’t her. It wasn’t even said to be her. Someone other guy posted those as leaks of some Korean chick

  2. JW

    If they’re censored, don’t post them at all. Until a source releases the leaked posts uncensored, they shouldn’t be posted on this website.

  3. Don't yell at me anymore! :( -Zippo

    This fake woman is too fat. Post more Lisa Appleton…. that is one trimmed hottie.

  4. Spud Gun

    What is she marketing? Devices that advise chicks when their fake tits are inflated enough to look ugly?

  5. JW

    Thanks for this large leak. But a few are clearly fake, and there aren’t that many nudes, but other than that, not bad.

  6. Remi


    If you can’t handle a simple download link

    you shouldn’t be on internet.

    Nice Leak, by the way!


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