Love Advent 2017 – Jan 10: Christina Ricci

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Here’s the last bonus clip with Christina Ricci for Love Advent. Christina Ricci is an American actress (Z: The Beginning of Everything (2017)). Age: 37.


8 thoughts on “Love Advent 2017 – Jan 10: Christina Ricci

  1. Lena Dumber

    Only Lena Dunham can make the LOVE advent calendar boring, shit & unsexy like everything else she touches! Talentless brown-noser activating her nepotism membership yet again.

  2. Bob

    Along with Jennifer Connelly, one of the saddest celebrity boob jobs of modern times. Her tits look like half empty sandbags 🙁

    1. WB

      Christina Ricci had breast reduction surgery but only ever showed her boobs after that. Jennifer Connelly never had anything done her boobs are all natural!
      It is too bad she got a tattoo on her titty but it could be worse she could be loaded with them. She has actually had that tattoo for years but in the few movies she has shown her titties since it was covered with makeup. 🙂

  3. StanHansen

    What the hell is this junk?Was this supposed to be sexy?
    What horrible tattoos.When will women realize tattoos make them look like garbage.


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