18 thoughts on “Love Advent 2017 – Day 2: Ashley Graham


    This calendar is an abomination.
    Day 1 starts with the ultimate butterface.
    Day 2 with a fat ugly disgusting pig.
    Please just stop.

  2. aaron

    i would marry her if i could if u stupid fags got nothing nice to say about these women that they show you shouldn’t say anything at all and why do you go to these posts if you don’t like them ? i don’t get it go wastes youre stupid time somewhere else.

  3. hexo01

    I don’t know why ppl “hate” her, I mean everyone can have an opinion and say “she is not pretty” or whatever, but ppl who just comment to say “she is fat” or “she is like a whale” this is just mean and pointless. I don’t think that she chose to be born “this way” she’s just accepted the way she looks. Anyway, she is gorgeous and sexy.

  4. tellinTruth

    Frightened little boys know they aren’t man enough (and that’s not because of cock size – they just are not MAN enough to please a real woman (or ANY woman)), so they come here and try to make themselves feel like bigshots by talking all kinds of bullshit……and then….they run off and hide in the dark with a head head full of pictures of her body, and jerk their cocks as furiously as they can, over and over again.


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