23 thoughts on “Love Advent 2017 – Day 11: Gigi Hadid

    1. Sisko

      You wanna feel smooth like a naked 4 year old or somethig? Fucking gay homo…

      oh shit… I forgot… I shaved my chest 2 days ago… still.

  1. draff

    She has a face of heroin addict in terminal phase. And her armpits… so black that im not sure if shes shaved or not.

  2. Cuck master

    It’s not armpit hair, it’s shit from the jacket she was wearing you morons. This was already talked about and explained dipshits.

    1. If it queefs like a pussy, stinks like a pussy, and smells like a pussy....it must be a pussy

      Has your clit been mutilated douche bag?

  3. HiLo

    eh some underarm stubble happens to women all the time
    cept this bitch is doing it on purpose
    modeling + feminism = 1 confused bitch

    i guess her Jewish handlers secretly revel in making this mix raced
    Palestinian look like a fool.

  4. Hot Mess

    WTF is this, the 1970s? Why are all these women like her, Miley, and Bella Thorne are suddenly allowing pit hair to grow out?

  5. jered

    look at me i’m gigi hadid i have unshaved armpits cause i’m very edgy…
    oh pls …most girls don’t fully shave during winter…


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