8 thoughts on “Love Advent 2017 – Day 1

    1. Tigger

      She can role her tongue in a circle around Taylor Swift’s twat. Used to like Karlie till she became bff with a succubus

  1. Tired of virgin pussies behind a keyboard

    Emily is the hottest one in this group. I just want to know why Ashley whale Graham is trying to cause an earthquake and what’s up with the ugly bald nigger guy ? Jesus Christ these aren’t models , they’re fat ugly pigs and anorexic niggers. Emily is the only one worth calling model. And she has a beautiful fucking face too for you virgins calling her rat face. Every single one of you pussies behind the keyboard would cum in your pants if she even looked at you so do your worthless asses a favor and shut the fuck up because you all are probably fat ugly virgins who’s never even seen a girl naked in person let alone fucked a woman and No your whore mommy doesn’t count.

  2. Spankmaster

    I’m not fussy; I’d fuck them all. Only problem is none of them would want to fuck me. Oh well, at least I’m honest and I’m still capable of dreaming…


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