49 thoughts on “Lisa Appleton Topless (51 Photos)

  1. Dick

    The second to last picture is her natural position no doubt. Too bad this cow didn’t smash her face against the rocks.

  2. Erogenous Jones

    I’m deeply disappointed. Always considered the Welsh a nation of animal lovers, yet nobody seems to be on hand to help this whale back into the water so it can swim back to the open sea !

    Kindly tell us who forwards the photos of this creature for inclusion on your site ? I wish to sue them for the cost of therapy to try and remove any memory of pictures of this not a has been, more a never was !

  3. [gouges own eyes out]

    Why the fuck is anyone paying this old fat cow to take her cloths off? Never mind wanting to document the event with photographs.

  4. JCL

    Came for the whale jokes and wasn’t disappointed.

    Great work lads.

    However, to the evil bastard who posted this eye raping shit, you need to take a long hard look at yourself son. Stop posting pictures of this fat cunt. Do the right thing.

  5. barry

    poor girl looks like shes of her head and some fella has said sure lets take a few topless photos and we will make enough for 20 lambert and butler..

    needs signed in to a mental home… curse of big brother

  6. Junkiepete

    The more comments a thread gets the likelihood is more of the “model” will be posted.
    Refrain from saying what you think !!
    That goes for bella fucking avery skankhole thorne too. Just boycott the cunt and maybe we won’t get 3 updates a day from that pathetic twat . Spotty virgens can follow her on instagram. . You already gave them the link !!

    I often wake up with an erection .. this site helps by posting foul bitches to extinguish my hardon and help me get back to sleep.

  7. My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't

    What in the ever loving fuck? Why would you post this horrid, ugly, monstrosity of a transsexual-looking woman? You sir, are an asshole of the highest degree and I hope you get fucked in the ass for eternity while you’re rotting in hell for posting this gigantic, sloppy, disgusting dude with long hair and a bikini holding its dick in.

    CockJunkiePete, why the animosity with Thorne? Yeah she may have a little acne, but drugs and hormones do that when you’re twenty years old. At least she has a smoking hot body and perfect tits. Not sure if you think they’re fake or not since you may not have ever actually witnessed a set, but it’s unlikely since they’ve been that size for years and didn’t magically grow two cup sizes in a matter of a week. I for one hope the posts of her keep coming, at least until we see a clear picture of her perfect, unencumbered rack and some snapper shots.

  8. slickwillytfcf

    You’re the one guy on Earth that thinks Chanel West Coast is hot enough to fap to, aren’t you? You’re literally complaining about a 20-year old with a stupid-hot body when you whine about pictures of Bella Thorne. You should head over to Queerty and check out some naked dudes since that seems more your speed.

  9. WolvoExPunk

    Gorgeous lady. Forget what those closet faggots say about you. You’re all proper woman to me.

    Remember, meat is for men – bones are for dogs.


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