17 thoughts on “Lisa Appleton Sexy (20 Photos)

  1. WTF

    That’s a grand canyon away from sexy …. Fuck it’s a grand canyon away from even nice 🙁 Jesus, I think I’ve been a little bit sick in my mouth ….

  2. Erogenous Jones

    Hope she bought a blindfold for her vibrator ? Hate to think of it seeing what lay ahead !

    BTW, would whoever posted the heading kindly look up the definition of sexy, even if they need to read it in Braille.

  3. Brazilian boy

    That dress is a little big still, for a SLUT like her. This is the right way for a woman to dress to please us men !!! I love this “cow whore”

  4. Xammy

    Admin must be sleeping with this whore and has a fetish for ugly fat chicks to keep posting pictures of this fat attention seeking slut. Or She has something over him. Like a murder or something.

  5. Think of the children

    What a mess. Children probably had to see her looking like that, who is going to pay for their trauma??

  6. AJ

    Well, I kind of find her actually sexy in these pics. Nice and slutty and she at least varies her locations, unlike some of the boring ass chicks on this site whom only seem to be able to be in type of location like the wilderness (Sara Underwood) or the beach. Must be because I’m horny, but she actually gave me a boner this time.

  7. peter dobson

    Please somebody be mercifull and shoot the bitch. Makes it a better world for everybody. In the animal world this would never survive.


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