25 thoughts on “Lisa Appleton See Through (51 Photos)

  1. AJ

    Well, when you look like that you’ll be doing a lot of carrying of your own luggage, despite trying to look sexy. Can you imagine a normal good looking real woman walking around the airport without being offered any help? Sad thing. All dressed up like the skank whore she is and still no attention.

  2. Andrew

    I blame the “friend” who is with her taking the photos and is clearly convincing her that she looks good when in reality knows full well she is a mess

  3. El Millagrero

    This is a real woman, not that with lots of photoshop, and if you think she is ugly because she is fat, you’re a faggot

  4. effexgn

    For 48 she looks decent, which is a very qualifies statement. What looks bad is wearing clothes that did not highlight every single physical flaw she has. That and her friend shooting from an upward angle is not favorable either.

  5. BJW

    Hard to decide which she has more of, bags or chins ? She should know better at her age.

    PS can we have a warning in future as I was having my evening meal when I saw this ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. ballen

    that belly just shows how much sperm she got on the way there, must have been a cumbucket for every guy she passed, eww

  7. ballen

    there are idiots who want to fuck her, that is why she get confident and dress like that, stop fucking these skanks so they start to dress up and lose weight instead

  8. Leo77

    Poor love. She’s declared bankrupt after reality tv chewed her up and spat her out and now this is the only way she can make money. It’s even more sad that this is the current state of British media.

    Yeah she looks good for her age but her heads gone and this is just abuse.

  9. PTSD and no meds

    Site of this gives me PTSD. Brings back bad memories when I went ugly early to beat the rush. Couldn’t get rid of the pig and finally kicked her fat ass to curb. she did the walk of shame a la miss gruntle here.


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