Lisa Appleton Looks Like Sexy Grandma (68 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

For those who like older. Reality television personality and ex Celebrity Big Brother star Lisa Appleton (49) seen walking along the beach in Spain. After detoxing and losing 2 stone in weight, Lisa showed off her assets by going topless as she sunbathed and posed on the beach. Lisa was wearing a white lace top and underwear.


29 thoughts on “Lisa Appleton Looks Like Sexy Grandma (68 Photos)

  1. dee

    so many pics and she doesn’t even take her bottoms off. despite her body she’s still hotter than the usual wide hipped hoes we see on this site.

  2. Major Rager

    If Southpark had Manbearpig, is she his wife Womanbearpig? Please stop posting this fucking grotesque monstrosity. She has a face like a prostitute’s vagina. WELL FUCKED!!!

  3. Aj

    You little boys need to hush up. This is one fine piece of ass. I’d be doing appletinis with Appleton all day long. She is hot AF!!!

    1. Jimmy

      Then your standard for “hot as f*ck” is ‘a pulse’, and even that might be hard to find with all the extra weight this hereford is carrying around.

      Remember, this is the internet Aj, you can fantasize about anyone. It’s when you’re in a bar hoping to score where you “go ugly early”. You can select the finest piece of ass you want.

      Just because she can walk on two legs doesn’t make her any less of a cow. Heck, she’s no better than Maitland Ward. They both head out to graze late-afternoon so they can be milked early the next day.

    1. Real zippo

      If you’re gonna do a zippo, do it right. I don’t have a cock like that unless it’s up my ass. This is more like it:


  4. Ilja Berukof

    This is where boners go to die. This woman should realise that after you pass a certain age, posing nude probably isn’t a good idea anymore… .

  5. Nick Name

    I just come here for the comments when she is posted! She is no 20 year old model but people over react so much it’s hilarious.

  6. Odeey

    WTF is this , if she shows pussy she losses her credibility. Fuck that lift the fat rolls and show your gash or get the whale of the beach before it explodes.

  7. Dave

    WTF even is this…think its about time she accepts that she will not be a celeb and to go and work o a checkout somewhere

  8. BillyBlob

    Lisa Appleton looks like…a beached Whale. Crapper…you need to get your glasses checked…and possibly…your head examined.


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