8 thoughts on “Liqui Moly Official Calendar 2018 (14 Photos)

      1. NIK

        Pictures of hot naked women you can get pretty much everywhere else on the net or buy them and hang them in your room. Don’t get me wrong, naked chicks are great, but this isn’t exactly what this site is meant for, isn’t it ?

        Same with all the pics of pornstars lately … i mean, sure, they are hot, but you can see those literally on every porn site in a lot more explicit stuff, so why bother putting them up here ?

    1. JW

      This website has posted content other than leaks for years. Don’t know why you’re so surprised. I think that this is quite a good post.

  1. Rolls

    That’s one old skool Rolls Royce. I would hate to get the repair bills better off keeping it around just for photos.


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