Lauren Cohan Nude – The Walking Dead (2016) s06e15 – HD 1080p

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New screenshots and clip with Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead (2016) s06e15. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) wash each other in the shower. Lauren Cohan is an English actress, known for “The Walking Dead” (TV), “Casanova” and “Supernatural” (TV). Age 34 (January 7, 1982).


Lauren Cohan Nude 2

Lauren Cohan Nude 1 Lauren Cohan Nude 3 Lauren Cohan Nude 4 Lauren Cohan Nude 5 Lauren Cohan Nude 6


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9 thoughts on “Lauren Cohan Nude – The Walking Dead (2016) s06e15 – HD 1080p

  1. Rick

    The walking dead, bringing you some of the most brutal violence ever seen on television, but god forbid we should see a nipple 😮

    1. joe

      Agreed. That is so stupid about TV and movies. They can show as much violence and murder as they want and still get a pg-13 rating but even a little bit of nudity is completely off limits.

      1. Dobby

        Probably because all that violence and blood is fiction but the nudity isn’t, it’s an actual person so has to be treated differently. Plus TWD ain’t about tits, no one cares about that (unless there getting ripped up by a Walker).

        1. Pete

          Well when cgi nudity or body doubles are used that is fiction too, but that is besides the point. Game of thrones isnt about tits either but they are on a cable network that doesnt faint like a victorian maid at the thought of showing it. The shows dont have to become like pornos but when a scene calls for nudity it takes you out of the illusion of reality when for example women have sex with their bras on or are strategically covered up like in Austin Powers

  2. MarkA.

    That’s America:
    Violence = Good, but nudity = bad.
    And then you have that highest rate of unwanted pregnancies in the western world and a highschool massacre per week.
    Gee, I wonder if American mothers blindfold their babies when they breastfeed them, since they think the sight of a naked female breast might damage a child… ROFL!!

    1. jimmy

      Its funny when a bunch of cuckolds who don’t have any say in their occupied country talks shit about another country where the people still have a bit of power.

      Tits are shown all the time on TV, I don’t know which pole you’re smoking.

  3. ballen

    deadpool just showed that pg13 is bullshit and you make money anyway, next wolverine will be rater R because of deadpool success and rumor is that ben affleck is trying to get the studio to make his own Batman movie R rated, according to his friend kevin smith(silent bob)


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