11 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Topless (New Photo)

  1. nacho

    Women are 50% less talented than men and thus must expose skin

    Source? Every famous woman except Diane Fossey

  2. bobofromyellowstone

    Might as well upload a photo of myself from the waist up and title it “bottomless”

    If you can’t see anything, don’t post it.

  3. Lady Gagas Mother

    Oh look the magical mysterious oh so different and doing what no one has ever done before lady gaga is… normal as fuck. Stupid bitch. She was the ugly duckling in high school because of her own issues and inability to make herself look pretty, so she went for the ugly outcast look and then proceeded to “show everyone” by becoming “famous” bla bla bla. Turns out she’s as fucking inspiring and different and special as a chicken sandwich.

    1. Smh

      LOL you obviously haven’t seen her high school pics. She was far from ugly and was as conformist as they come. She went for the ugly outcast look when she saw that her music career was going nowhere.


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