37 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Sexy (91 Photos)

    1. ^^TheStateOfAmerica^^

      Idiot Trump fan alert!
      You sir, are a MORON who needs to go back to school and learn how to spell – as does EVERY uneducated inarticulate, Trump supporter. Imbeciles.

      1. Ryan

        If thinking lady Gaga is anything but sexy makes you a Trump supporter then I should order my MAGA hat now.

    2. luke

      Didn’t your mum tell you to keep you mouth shut unless you had something nice to say.
      I highly doubt you would kick her out of bed, you stupid cunt…

      1. Meat

        you one retarded motherfucker, ain’t ya? I’ll come and lay pipe all over your momma and sister, love me some white meat.

      2. Big black

        Niggerer are you fucking new. How can you try to insult someone with words and not have the words to do it? You my good sir are a nigger for being so ignorant. Which is the actual definition to the word nigger if you didn’t know.

  1. whizkido

    Looking at her i cant help wondering how a gaga wearing a knee length skirt and a turtle neck would fare on stage.

  2. Doug

    Vancouver is a really lame city, its just a wussier Portland, OR with a condo obsession because no one cares about anywhere outside the city

    1. Monty Python and the Wholey Fuck I hate Zippos

      been there and you know shit, or is that what you pack? oh, and some of the best weed you’ll ever smoke as opposed to you who smokes pipe.

  3. Rea

    She is on the edge of “fuckable” probably because she is singing, super produced and doing crazy shits, butt when she is like a normal person she is pretty beautiful.

    1. uoL

      Yup. While one of the extras slips her finger in and massages her sphincter to loosen up… man thats a dream come true!

  4. Carlos T. Jackal

    You’d think with all the dancing and jumping around, she’d be in better shape. Guess not…


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