34 thoughts on “Lacey Banghard Leaked (48 Photos + Video)

  1. NiggerHater

    If that’s a nigger dick, then she’s worthless now. white girls with a fucking nigger is absolutely disgusting and a fucking disgrace.

    1. Steve

      Don’t worry Mr racist. She’s not white, she’s half Indian. You can relax now. I’d Like to see more pics of her.

  2. Wawaweewaa

    Meh, leaks of her mean nothing. She’s literally a nude model. But her taking dicks and vag shots is something she doesn’t show. So bring em on.

    1. Dick Bangfast

      A. Where do I reference her race at all? I’m not white either, don’t know how this matters at all though, still sounds like a pornstar name.
      B. Banghard isn’t an Indian surname. I looked her up after making my first post (to see if it was her real name) and apparently she’s named Banghard due to a fuck up during immigration. So uh… yeah… even more unfortunate than I originally thought lol.

      1. Sudeep

        Banghard is a indian surname.. It is pronounced Baang-ur-d.. Google “bangad” which has common psuedo spellings– bangar being one of them.. banghar being another and banghard also ..it is definitely not pronounced bang hard.. A similar indian name is Hardik prnounced as hard dick.. or Dixit which is pronounced dick-shit..


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