16 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Sexy (17 Photos)

  1. Rodanix

    you would have to be seriously gay or dead to NOT want to fuck your way into this family regardless what people think of them.

    1. Endgame

      So to you, people having morals or good taste is lacking in quality so they must be gay or dead eh?
      Not everyone buys into fake, undeserving fat ass bitches who believe themselves to be queens. Obviously something you don’t have problem with so goody for you.
      But there’s plenty of us out here that that would prefer not having to buy specially made toiles to fit those oversized fat ass shit spewing bitches.

  2. naoiyurikun

    Why do you come here and you hate then? If you don’t like a person,well good for you..there’s no reason to post a hate comment and drop your so-called “morality”

  3. sigh

    If Kylie’s ass is too big for you, you seriously need to rethink your life. I see real asses, twice as big, all the time. She didn’t go overboard like her sisters AT ALL. Unlike Kim, she got her money’s worth.


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