Kim Kardashian Nude The Fappening (14 Photos + Video)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Kim Kardashian shared new Fappening full frontal nude photos from KKW Body fragrance photo shoot (2018).

The bottle is made in the form of her body, which she showed to members and her followers on Instagram recently. Kim covered her boobs, butt and pussy with clay, because she made a mould. Buy and keep a little copy of Kim on your shelf.


Kim Kardashian released a video of a bottle of new fragrance first in her Snapchat.


26 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Nude The Fappening (14 Photos + Video)

  1. Captain Obvious

    “Full Frontal” means you see either pubes or cunt lips. This is not accurately labeled.

  2. Brutus

    When I saw the word full frontal,I went the bathroom and pulled my cock out and clicked it. I scroll through and I see that by full frontal you meant the bottle of perfume. So I put my cock back and went back to my seat in the third row of my local church.

    False advertising

    1. Mr Sincere

      And you actually doesn’t have any idea about the definition of this word little boy, showing off the beauty of your body is not being w***e or slut it’s called confidence that’s what you don’t know teenagers of nowadays. She’s not naked so chill out and better think at yours business have good days.

  3. Fap Master G

    Do the molds mean there’s a Kim K love doll available? Not that I’m interested. Just for research purposes.

    1. Weman

      And you should stop showing your stupid and nonsense racism and instead of saying such rude and meaningless things you might think at your life as to eat your milk and to make your homeworks for school. And definitely above any hate comment you guys doing you might realize there’s somebody above who loves her and her friends just because that person knows better than us that she always has only good intentions and she’s a humble sweet and good woman, peace. Dare you serenity teenagers of nowadays.

  4. Spankmaster

    Yes, Andea, and I bet the perfume that comes out of this whore’s overpriced tacky commercialisation of her figure smells just like the farts that come out of her over bloated arse and is just as interesting to. This female thing is a waste of fucking space and the sooner she is dead, the quicker we will all piss on her grave.

    And I like traffic lights…

    1. Andea

      It’s not gonna bring your any happiness daring bad things to a woman that never bothered nobody but some of you jealouss ass become so wrong minded guided by this nowadays jealousy. I’m tired of this website trolls bleah I have better things to do I’m out of this website too.

  5. Spankmaster

    Maybe once she was a good baby, but now she and her whole family are purely akin to something out of Rosemary’s Baby or better yet, the Exorcist. And I sincerely hope they all do something sensible like sticking a crucifix up their neither regions, spew all sorts of shit from their mouths and repeatedly spin their heads around on their necks. It would only be an improvement…

  6. Don Jon ;)

    Of course in the absence of a useful activity, some of you leave all the stupid comments, believing that it is fun to act misoginically, but in fact members of Thefappening represent the ridiculous Mindful of Children based on such corny jealous ass replies.
    Now either way you folks hate or love her, Kim K is where she is because she has always been herself and loyal to what she has done. People which personally know her for years can confirm she’s way humble behaving as normal and even sweet person bet this Word for true and honest ones always she’s gonna show love too.
    So to Thefappening’s hypocrites community haters, excusez-moi ” Prestigious Masses ” they might remember only that since 00s to nowadays she’s still one of the biggest figure for tabloids of US, whether or not folks hate or love on her.
    Thanks for wasting my time with this clickbait called Thefappening, but at the same time Thank God made me to see I’ve got better things to do since I’ve decided to come up with these little humble words before leaving this 10th Hand 10 years Old Journalists which founded Thefappening, so it’s up on your how you wanna spend the time folks know what I mean ? Word peace & goodbye


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