Kerry Katona Sexy (20 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Kerry Katona (37) showed off her enviable bikini body and curves on the beach in Marbella, Spain, 07/10/2018. She was seen wearing a turquoise two piece bathing suit she was taking a break from the rigours of her strenious fitness regime. The Atomic Kitten singer has been enjoying a getaway at the luxury Holistic Body Camp, a retreat for those looking to, “enrich their health, lifestyle and wellbeing.”



11 thoughts on “Kerry Katona Sexy (20 Photos)

  1. Erogenous Jones

    Nice of you to give both the holiday camp and bikini supplier free publicity. Bet she also gave her time for free ?
    As for enviable, just hope the Japanese fleet is in port or she needs to beware of harpoons !

    PS She announced she was leaving Atomic Kitten a few years ago yet still trades off her brief spells in the ensemble. Do remind me how successful her solo career has been ?

  2. wantedtoenjoybutcant

    No amount of (additional) fake teeth, fake tits or lipo stomach could make that talentless munter attractive.
    Not one for insulting the good and honest..but she should just get a job selling sky and fuck off.
    She and her alike are all that’s wrong with society.

    1. Old Codger

      She doesn’t have fak tits. She just had ’em reduced. Hard to believe she is as young as this entry indicates. She may actually BE only 38 or so but she could easily pass for a woman in her late 40s or early fifties. Also, it looks like she had the same Tijuana “Plastic Surgeon” do both the tit reduction (and she still has the balcony most of the way into the basement) and lipo on her belly. Both jobs were badly botched.


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