14 thoughts on “Katy Perry Sexy (7 Pics + GIF & Video)

  1. who cares?

    Her hair”style” is an abomination, but she still has one of the greatest pairs of tits in the whole wide world! Damn!

  2. Amin Yashed

    that video is embarrassing…can someone tell her to grow hair, lose 20 pounds and her top then possibly i can fap to her image once again

  3. abcdef

    She’s still a good bitch, despite her fat body and covered boobs. When she will be leaked and show her big boobs, i will cum a lot!

  4. jaswarswar

    Another worthless idiot & probably the dumbest person I have ever watched being interviewed. She’s a preprogrammed satanic robot.

  5. Monty Python and the Wholey Fuck I hate Zippos

    love the first pic, she could smell bacon cooking then realized it was herself

  6. Chris Manning

    The lot of you should be entirely thankful that this incredibly beautiful woman is longer married to that absolute fucking tosser of a celebutard arsehole known as Russell Brand. With any luck, she will sooner than later go nude due to the repressed anger of such an unworthy Union. We should also be thankful that she didn’t spit out any children to him; that side of the gene pool does NOT need to be encouraged, let alone repeated…


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